COMENIUS Projekt 2008 - 2010
„Being young in Europe
in the present and in the past“


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Final Project Meeting in Izmi


von Edeltraud Rechberger

Delegations of all partner schools, about 50 students and more than 20 teachers, were guests in the Turkish partner school.
Participants of HS Grünburg: Headmaster Mr. Schachermayr, Mrs. Rechberger, Mrs. Deischinger, Mrs. Hagmüller, Teresa Eisenhofer (3a), Michael Haslehner (3b), Bauhofer Evelyne (3c), Manuel Koller and Richard Wolfmayr (3d), Christine Gasplmayr (4b), Sarah Flick and Julia Häusler (4c).

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010:

We left Grünburg at 8 o'clock in the morning. We went to Munich by bus and took the plane to Izmir at 2 15 pm. In the afternoon we arrived at the campus of the Turkish school and a lot of people were waiting for us. I didn't have any problems finding Urgurcan in the crowd and it was great meeting him again. My host family was very nice, I nearly felt home. (Manuel)

The Austrian delegation at the airport in Munich:

At school parents and students had prepared some typical food for us. It was delicious!
After that everybody drove home. I really liked Ezgi, my host, from first sight and also her parents welcomed me heartily. Unfortunately they didn’t speak English. So we had some difficulties understanding each other. (Julia)

Julia and her host Ezgi


Wednesday, May 5th, 2010:

In the morning we went to school by bus. It took us about 10 minutes. There were so many students and the children from the Primary School wanted an autograph of us.
Then we went to the other campus of the ITK. It was very interesting there. We visited Atatürk’s house. After a brief information about Atatürk and his life we were allowed to walk around the house. It was fascinating! The old books and all the other things! (Julia)

 Students and teachers in front of Atatürk´s house

After lunch we had a guided school tour with a show at the planetarium. We also had a project meeting where we spoke to the other guest students. This was interesting but I liked better the regular lessons we attended because most of the Turkish pupils in class were very funny. (Richard)
In the evening we went shopping with Ceren's friends. One of them had the great idea to go bowling and it was a big laugh. Turkish people are like Austrian people, I couldn't see any differences. (Sarah)

Sarah and her host family

 Thursday, May 6th, 2010:

Arin and I got up at 6 o'clock. We, all guest and host students, took a bus to Selçuk and visited the house of Virgin Mary and then Ephesus. Ephesus was really great. There were many very big, ancient buildings. Near the exit there were some souvenir shops and I bought something for my mum. Then we had lunch. I really like the Turkish food (Michael)

The famous Roman Library in Ephesus

The next part of our programm was visiting Şirince, a small village which used to be inhabited by Greek people. After that we went to an ancient church, the Church of St. John. (Michael)
Thursday was very exhausting. It was a very hot day but it was very interesting. We saw a lot of ancient places. I think visiting Ephesus, an ancient Roman city was the most interesting and amazing place that day. (Richard)

Michael and Richard with their hosts


Friday, May 7th, 2010:

Friday was the best day at ITK but unfortunately it was our last day there. We did some incredible experiments at the science lab, observed some lessons and introduced Austria in the Comenius presentation. My favourite part in the presentation was the Turkish folk dance. Six beautiful girls dressed in black with belly belts did a great show. (Richard)

 Julia in an English lesson

We had practiced hard to introduce Austria and the HS Grünburg and we all were a bit nervous. The presentation took place in a big auditorium. First the major of Izmir held a short speech and then Mrs. Rechberger explained the project to the audience. Now  it was our turn. (Sarah)
İ think everyone liked our presentation. After we'd finished a Turkish student sang “I am from Austria” and we were swept off our feet. He sang as if he really was Austrian. (Manuel)

Austrian students waiting for  the presentation

“I´m from Austria” performed by a Turkish student with  school band and  school chorus


Saturday, May 8th, 2010:

We slept until nine o'clock and the whole family had breakfast together. At around half past ten we went to Çeşme. Arin's family has got a weekend house there. Many rich people have got a house in Çeşme. We had an ice-cream in a village near the beach and we went back to Izmir in the afternoon. There Arin's family took me to the best Kebap restaurant in Izmir. It was great! (Michael)

In the morning we went shopping with Ezgi’s mum and I had my first Turkish coffee. I liked it, but it’s definitely something you have to get used to. In the afternoon we went to the hairdresser. And in the evening we went to the farewell – party the Turkish students had organized for us. It was so much fun! (Julia)


Sunday, May 9th, 2010:

We arrived at the airport at ten o’clock in the morning. Ezgi kept telling me not to fly home and in a way I really wanted to stay. I spent such a great time in Izmir and I‘ve met so many nice people. Ezgi and her family invited me to visit them in the summer holidays and I really want to go there again. Ezgi and I had a lot of fun together and we really became close friends. (Julia)

I'd never thought to meet so many nice, friendly and open people. I think the Comenius project was a great experience for me and the other students. We got to know each other very well and we were allowed to experience the hospitality and kindness of Turkey. I have found some really good friends all across Europe. I'm very glad to have been part of this project. (Sarah)

Michael and his host family

Evehyne and her host family