• English Theatre “A perfect Match”

Hello Mario,

Two days ago we saw a play at school. Four people from England came to us. The story they acted out was called “A perfect Match”.
In this story Angela and her dad move to London. Dad gets a new job and Angela goes to a new school. Unfortunately she doesn’t like her new teacher Miss Anderson but her dad falls in love with her. Angela pretends that she is ill to stop her father from going out with Miss Anderson. When they are on holiday Angela meets Kris - Miss Anderson’s son and the two of them do everything to split them up. They also give some laxative chocolate and some perfume to Miss Anderson. Angela’s dad can’t stop sneezing because of the perfume and Miss Anderson has to spend seven hours on the toilet, but nevertheless they marry in the end and they all live together in a big house.
I think the play was good because it was very funny.

Yours, Johannes Deubl

written by Elisabeth Himmelfreundpointner



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