Summary Virtual Heroes

Hi, my name is Kevin.

I am fifteen years old. My parents have split up. I am a daydreamer and I often dream that my parents are together again or that I am a hero. Everybody thinks that I am stupid and lazy.

Some weeks ago Rita, the swot of my class, logged in on a homepage called “My Dream Space”.


At home I made myself an avatar called Byron Tombs.

He is a historian explorer and he is very cool and strong. On My Dream Space I was searching for the hidden treasures of the world. First I went to Egypt. There I searched for the golden sphinx.

When I had found it two criminals came.

They were called Crouch and Bent and wanted to steal it. But thank god a good looking woman called Sapphire Stone came and helped me. But it was no use, they got away with it.
Some time later I went to Peru. There was an international antiques fair in Lima. I disguised as an old man and asked Couch and Bent if they wanted to sell the golden sphinx there. But then they knew that it was me. They both took a rope, tied me onto a chair and put a bomb under it. Sapphire Stone rescued me again. So we became friends. We found out that they both wanted to sell the golden sphinx in Vienna. Sapphire was a model, a singer and worked for the ISS. She even wrote a song for me.

I chatted with her for quite a while and told her everything, like that I was bullied at school. Late at night I logged off. In the morning I overslept and I had also forgotten to do my homework. I got detention at lunch time, with Rita - the swot!!
During the detention I found out that Rita was Sapphire Stone. I had chatted with a swot, oh no!
On the next day we went to the British Museum. Rita and I were in one group. We had to complete a worksheet. So we wanted to go to the fourth floor using the lift but we got stuck in the lift. After some minutes of discussing I phoned the museum guard and a few seconds later we could get out. Rita gave me a kiss. Unfortunately Aaron and Sharon were waiting for us and wanted Rita’s lunch money, but I took it to defend it. Aaron hit me in the stomach. I said to him that there were cameras and they both ran away. After that I gave Rita her money back and we started to do the worksheet together.
Now we are friends.

Dominik Sieghartsleitner 4B

Interpretation written by Francisca Nana-Agyapong 3a

I liked the play because it was funny and interesting although I think Rita’s voice was quite thrilling. I disliked Aaron and Sharon because bullying isn’t funny at all.
Nobody wants to be bullied, so I will try and help if someone is bullied. Whenever someone bullies me I will talk to a trustful person but I wouldn’t surf in cyber space. The actors wanted to tell us to be strong and to stand up for our rights against bullies. Yes, one more thing – we have to accept our personality. Thank god everybody is different otherwise it would be very boring in our lives.

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